Success Stories

"Just had my first reiki session to help with some of the pesky hip pain I've been dealing with for years. Oh my god it was amazing, definitely a believer! If you're dealing with pain, definitely consider reiki healing as an alternative form of treatment. Also beneficial in treating anxiety, stress, and depression. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend. And would recommend Robby Devery as the person to do it!"

~ Kelsey

Monroe Township

"Healing requires time and patience, and sometimes, it requires professional intervention too.  I’ve gone to Fun In Motion Wellness and was treated by Robby Devery several times recently. She treated my chronic shoulder pain using  gentle yet very effective techniques and gave me specific exercises to do between visits.  She gave me effective and surprisingly inexpensive options for treating plantar fasciitis and recommended home exercises for that.  She advised me how to walk and move after a clumsy fall that resulted in an angry nerve in my lower back, and there too, I followed her guidance for home exercises.  My results in all cases were very beneficial.  If you have a specific injury, or experience chronic pain, I would encourage you to reach out to  Fun In Motion Wellness. You will be glad you did."

~ Marge


"I now have full flexion with my index finger and can make a fist. Have not been able to do that since my injury! Thanks again Robby - I really appreciate the help.

~ Julia


"Robby is amazing. I have known and worked with her for years, and have watched her do incredible things for her clients. I have also benefited personally from her guidance and advice, which has helped me to become more mindful and self-aware. Robby is wise, dedicated and very talented at her craft."

~ Karen


“My hips and back gave me a lot of trouble walking and I had little endurance to do things I needed and liked to do. Robby took the time to listen to me and then worked with me to isolate my pain sources. Now I can go to the market or out to lunch with friends. I am so grateful.” 


Monroe Township

I have been seeing Robby for 5 months. In that time, I have been amazed at how much information & assistance Robby can provide. She is warm & kind and always encouraging. As an Occupational Therapist, she has provided me with gentle range of motion & strengthening exercises home programs for continued improvement. As a Reiki Master she has brought me to a wonderfully relaxed and calm place with reduced pain. She has taught me how to become an active member of my healthcare team. Robby has been able to identify areas on my body that have unresolved issues  and pain, and she has helped my Dr. and PT with their diagnosis and therapy plans. My session with Robby have improved my conditions and overall health.

~ Carolyn