Social Skills

Social skills enable a person to interact and communicate with peers in meaningful and appropriate ways. Our Learning Caring Leadership (LCL) social skills development groups help participants develop and apply skills necessary for positive social interaction.


Each session follows a structured routine for LEARNING providing predictability and stability. Specific skills are taught, practiced and reinforced through group projects and “homework” activities. The homework aspect provides participants the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in-group in their community and share their results with family and peers.


Our social skills program creates an environment of acceptance, tolerance, and CARING. Activities focus on identifying aspects of a compassionate community. When we teach kids to recognize emotions in themselves and others they develop caring and empathy skills, which will make their immediate world, and the greater world a better place for all.


Our LCL program fosters the LEADERSHIP within each participant through positive interaction and group cooperation. Specific activities are chosen to promote self-confidence, positive peer relationships, and to provide “tools in the tool box” to deal with challenging situations including successful communication skills. Participants and their families are partners in curriculum planning.



Social Games Club