The EASE™ (Equine Assisted Social Skills Enrichment) program offers an experiential approach to learning incorporating typical social skills objectives through novel horse-based activities. 


EASE™ is a flexible and participant driven program adapted to your specific goals and objectives, and is offered at either our farm location or your facility location. View our video presentation by clicking on your choice of location below:

Our classroom trailer offers a unique learning environment for participants to practice new skills as they learn about themselves and to how to care for a horse.  The process of developing these skills can help kids who show signs of depression, anxiety, have low self-esteem, or lack confidence.


Interactive dialogue and social exchange with our therapy horse Sadie is facilitated to encourage questioning, attending, and responding - all necessary components of positive conversation skills.  Participants are encouraged to follow Sadie on her Facebook page.


Our EASE™ program classes are 1 hour long.  The number of EASE™ sessions is up to you! Group size is a minimum of 4 participants.

EASE™ Testimonials 

"The EASE program taught me about the importance of friendship and how to respect each other and work together. It was one of my favorite things that I did over the summer." ~ Stacey - EASE participant (2015) My son Daniel, 8 years old, really enjoys attending Ms. Robby's class. He works on social skills and behavior strategies in a way that he doesn't realize he is in a class. He thinks he is just in a fun group to make friends. I would recommend Ms. Robby's class to many parents. ~ Lori - Mom, Daniel - Son